Terms and Conditions for USB/LNX series

Terms and Conditions

*Please read carefully before placing an order

Product Quality

HuMANDATA certifies that ALL HuMANDATA products were manufactured under severe quality control and passed final inspection (Appearance test, Electrical test)

Product Warranty and Scope of Support

  • Product

    The warranty set forth below applies to the products (hereinafter "Product" or "Products") of USB/LNX series which sells outside of Japan. The other products such as FPGA boards are covered by different warranty.

  • Limited warranty terms

    If we determine the Product to be initially defective within three weeks of shipping from our company, customers are entitled to exchange or return the Product. We guarantee only our Product any defects attributable to us for a period of 13 months following shipment of the product from our company. The warranty shall apply only when notification detailing the particulars of the defect arrives at our place of business within the warranty period and if we deem the defect to be attributable to us.
    Regardless of user registration and the period of warranty, all warranties shall originate based on the date of shipment from our company. When purchasing inventory from an agency of store, the date of shipment from the store or agency may be the start date of the warranty on the receipt therefrom. In such cases, proof is required such as the receipt from the time of purchase. With respect to sales by stores and agencies, we may nullify the portion of the warranty which exceeds one year from the shipment from our company.

  • Warranty policy

    The warranty shall be exercised through either repair of the Product or provision of a replacement. We are unable to offer monetary warranties. In cases in which monetary warranty is the only option, such as when we are unable to acquire components, we will negotiate the amount with a cap at the shipping price of the Product. Regardless of the circumstances, the amount of compensation shall be capped at the shipping price of our Product. There shall be no further compensation whatsoever. If the problem is minor, HuMANDATA will sometimes describe how to make the revision or modification, and ask the customer to solve the problem. When shipping from outside of Japan, the customer shall pay all expenses including shipping charges and taxes. HuMANDATA shall not be obligated to inform customers about defects in the main components used in Products. HuMANDATA shall not be obligated to provide support for individual parts, or to provide support for the software of other companies needed to use HuMANDATA products.

  • Out of warranty

    The following situations are not covered by the warranty:

    1. the defect is associated with physical damage not attributable to us,
    2. the Product is used contrary to the cautions or prohibitions set forth in the manual,
    3. the Product is modified or repaired by any entity other than us,
    4. the Product is used outside of the scope of the specifications,
    5. the Product is, in terms of use, unnecessarily taken apart,
    6. the Product is used in any way other than its intended use,
    7. the Product is used outside of Japan (Products that are sold only in Japan),
    8. malfunctions or damage arises from causes unforeseeable by scientific and technical standards at the time of shipment from our place of business,
    9. the cause of a behavior defect occurs between a device or personal computer owned by the customer, (there are factors referred to as compatibility issues with the device depending on individual differences)
    10. the defect is determined by us to be caused by a strong surge or static electricity,
    11. the defect can not be reproduced checking with our company
      (including defects that can only be reproduced in specific environments such as customer's PC)
    12. any other case in which malfunction or damage arises from causes other than us or our Products,
      (including force majeure events such as natural disasters)
  • Product list

    No Description Type Remarks
      USB RS485/RS422 Converter (MAX 250Kbps) USB-003  
      USB RS485/RS422 Converter (MAX 10Mbps) USB-010  
      USB RS232 Converter (MAX 1Mbps) USB-013  
      USB Isolator USB-029  
      USB Isolator Industrial-Grade USB-029H  
      USB2.0 Isolator Industrial-Grade USB-029H2  
      USB2.0 Isolator with Repeater IC USB-029H2-RP  
      USB Isolator Compact USB-029L  
      USB2.0 Isolator Compact USB-029L2  
      4 Channel RS232C/USB Converter(Independent Isolation Type) USB-033  
      4 Channel RS232C/USB Converter(Common Isolation Type) USB-033SI  
      USB3.0/3.1 Gen1 Isolator USB-03G1  
      USB Isolator Board USB-043  
      USB Multiplexer 8:1 - USB Switching Device USB-201  
      4 Port USB Isolator(Independent Type) USB-202  
      4 Port USB Isolator(Common Type) USB-203  
      USB3.0 Isolator USB-204 *USB-204 was discontinued.
      Support for USB 3.0 USB Multiplexer 4:1 - USB Switching Device USB-205  
      USB 3.0 Host Multiplexer USB-206  
      LPT-CAPTURE Parallel/USB Converter USB-301  
      2 Channel USB to RS232 Converter USB-302  
      2 Port USB Isolator USB-303  
      2 channel USB RS485/422 Converter USB-304  
      8 channel USB RS232 Converter (Common Isolation Type) USB-401  
      8 channel USB RS485/422 Converter (Independent Isolation) USB-402  
      RS-232C LAN Converter (PoE / Non-PoE) LNX-002  
      RRS-485/422 LAN Converter (PoE / Non-PoE) LNX-003  
      LAN Isolator (Compact) LNX-007L  
      LPT-CAPTURE-LAN Parallel/LAN Converter LNX-201  
      2 Channel RS-232C LAN Converter LNX-203  
      LAN Multiplexer 4:1 LNX-204  

Disclaimer provisions

We shall not be held liable for any damage (whether direct or indirect) including, without limitation, damage to property or bodily damage, losses, or expenses caused by factors including the malfunction or failure of our Products. Customers shall bear liability for the use of our Products. The same shall apply to any secondary defects or damages including, without limitation, malfunctions of products other than ours and computer crashes caused by driver software defects resulting from the use of our Products. Customers shall not have the right to seek any compensation or claims against us with respect to damages stemming from the following causes or otherwise associated damages.

  • the customer uses the Product contrary to the cautions or prohibitions set forth in the manual,
  • damage caused by issues with the Product including, without limitation, defects caused willfully or negligently by the customer,
  • damage caused by issues with the Product including, without limitation, defects caused by force majeure,
  • damage caused by infringement of intellectual property rights held by a third-party including, without limitation, patents, design rights, and trademarks caused in connection to the Product,
  • when damages occurred in association with issues including, without limitation, defects that were discovered or arose after the customer resold the Product to a third-party,
  • damage caused by issues in transit(whether direct or indirect)

In the event that the customer exports or re-exports the Product either directly or indirectly, the customer shall acquire the necessary permissions and complete the necessary processes to export at his or her own liability.
We reserve the right to modify the warranty and/or disclaimer provisions at our discretion.
Modifications to the warranty and/or disclaimer provisions shall be carried out regardless of the approval of the customer.

End Use Confirmation and Export Control

  1. HuMANDATA products use ordinary off-the-shelf electronic components, and are therefore inappropriate for use in applications that require special quality or reliability and are expected to protect human lives or prevent accidents, such as safety mechanisms in fields including space, aeronautics, medicine, and nuclear power.
  2. Purchaser confirms that purchaser will not use HuMANDATA products in relation to nuclear, biological or chemical weapons, or missiles or equipment capable of delivering such weapons, nor will purchaser transfer HuMANDATA products to others if purchaser knows or suspects that they are intended or likely to be used in such a manner.
  3. HuMANDATA products may be subject to the export restrictions of Japan, the United States, or other countries. Purchaser is responsible for properly observing export restrictions.
  4. HuMANDATA firmly refuses to export (including re-exporting) HuMANDATA products to countries or regions subject to export restrictions.

Trademarks and Other Considerations

HuMANDATA is this company’s registered trademark.

HuMANDATA’s Philosophy

  1. HuMANDATA endeavors to raise product quality. We continually make detailed improvements and adjustments that are not shown in circuit diagrams.
  2. HuMANDATA actively publishes, on the Web and in other ways, information considered useful to customers.
  3. HuMANDATA makes efforts for the long-term provision of products and for continuing their long-term support.
  4. Instead of concealing small product problems and documentation errors, HuMANDATA makes them public.
  5. HuMANDATA abides by Japanese law and its spirit. We make no transactions with purchaser who commits illegal acts.

By placing an order, you agree to our warranty policy and/or disclaimer provisions.

In the event you encounter any defective behavior or other malfunctions with our products, please contact us directly. We will address the issue promptly. (Please get in touch with us if you wish to pay through a trading company)

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※When we are unable to discuss the issue with the customer, the product may be returned as unrepairable.

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