[LNX-204] LAN Multiplexer 4:1 HuMANDATA LTD.

[LNX-204] LAN Multiplexer 4:1

Non Chemi-conFlame-retardant-ABS

Enable to switch multi ports from a distant place via
Ethernet or an external contact point. 

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LNX-204 is a LAN multiplexer to switch 4 channel LAN ports. LNX-204 can change the port by three ways: send simple command from PC via LAN, input control signal from an external contact point or change switches of the product body. This is very useful to switch external network to internal network, and to connect with the network only when required.
It can promote labor-saving for inspection process and auto-inspection system of LAN devices.

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  • Switch Ethernet wires by multiplexer IC
    no need to insert and pull out the cable
  • Switch a port from a distance via Ethernet and or an external contact point
    Swich a port via a virtual COM port is also available by using our original application, LNX-VCP
  • Switch a port manually by changing switch of the product body
  • Because unconnected port is not connected, it's possible to use it as a simple firewall
  • Easy configuration by microSD
    • Easy to restore the setting data at the time of replacement
    • Easy to send the setting data by e-mail
    • No restriction for IP address setting, out of the network segment
    • Easy to backup the setting data
  • Configuration via Ethernet is also available by using original setting tool
  • Power for the main body supports PoE, powered via LAN cable
    switching port does not support PoE
  • AC adapter is included in the package
  • FG terminal is equipped
  • All LAN ports are protected from ESD
  • Non-use of 10 Restricted substances of RoHS directive

Connection Examples

Change common port LAN or external network to LAN1-4


Item Description Remarks
model LNX-204  
Power 5VDC, Supplied by AC adapter or LAN connector (PoE function)

PoE function supports both mode A and B

Current Consumption Less than 300mA  
Network Interface IEEE802.3 (10Base-T)
IEEE802.3u (100Base-TX)
half-duplex / full-duplex (auto detected)
Common/Selecting Port 10/100/1000 Base-T (*1)
LAN Connector RJ45 x 6

ESD protection ±11KV

Protocol TCP / UDP / Telnet  
RS-232C Connector D-Sub 9pin Male
(#4-40 UNC screws are mounted)
M2.6 screws are also attached for accessary
Setting Memory Card microSD card For save and restore the product setting
SPI mode
Connection LED x 4
System LED
micro SD card access LED
LINK Status LED (RJ45 Connector)
ACT Status LED (RJ45 Connector)
Operating Ambient Temperature -20 to 60 [°C] (-4 to 140 [°F]) No condensation permitted
Operating Ambient Humidity 10 to 85 %RH No condensation permitted
Storage Ambient Temperature -20 to 60 [°C] (-4 to 140 [°F]) No condensation permitted
Storage Ambient Humidity 10 to 85 % RH No condensation permitted
Weight Approx. 250 [g] Only main body
Dimensions 165 x 80.5 x 39 [mm]
(6.496" x 3.169" x 1.535")
Without projections

(*1) The operation of this product is confirmed with 10/100/100 BASE-T. But the product is inserted between LAN cables, speed reduction can be occurred. The communication speed is not guaranteed.
When the LAN cable is long, using giga bit corresponding switching hub may improve the speed reduction.

Pin Assignment of External Contact Connector

D-sub 9 pin male connector
#4-40 UNC screws are mounted by factory setting. You can change them to attached M2.6 screws.

Pin No Name Direction Remarks
1 SEL 1 IN Select LAN1
2 SEL 2 IN Select LAN2
3 SEL 3 IN Select LAN3
4 SEL 4 IN Select LAN4
6 NC - -
7 NC - -
8 NC - -
9 (COM) - Power Input
CASE FG - Connect with
FG Terminal

LNX Setting Tool

 Using this application, you can easily to make a configuration data of the LNX series.
LNX-204 setting tool

After saving the configuration data to the microSD card, please insert it to the product. Then the setting data, WR_DATA.TXT, will be read automatically when the product is powered on. At that time, the read data is backup in the microSD card as RD_DATA.TXT.
The setting data is stored in the product. No need to indsert the microSD card next time.
When replacing LNX series, just insert the same microSD card then you could restore the same setting.
When your PC is in the same segment as LNX series, you can also control the setting via ethernet.


  • LNX-204
  • microSD card (with USB adapter)
  • AC adapter
  • Driver & Application CD

Price and Optional Accessories

Description MODEL Image List Price (JPY) Stock Status
LAN Multiplexer 4:1
LNX-204 LNX-204
Attachment for vertical direction
ACC-027 ACC-027
Attachment for horizontal direction
ACC-028 ACC-028
Attachment for DIN rail type B
ACC-031 ACC-031
Neodymium magnet set
ACC-036 ACC-036
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