[USB-302] 2 Channel USB to RS232 Converter HuMANDATA LTD.

[USB-302] 2 Channel USB to RS232 Converter

RoHS102chRS232DB9IsolatedSurge ProtectionHi SpeedFlame retardant ABS

2 Channel USB RS232C Converter
Each channel is independently isolated.


 USB-302 is a 2 channel USB to RS232C converter that included circuitry with 2500VDC isolation.
Those 2 channels are isolated independently from USB side.



  • Supports RS232
  • Each 2 channels are independent isolation
  • Supports custom baud rate
  • No external power supply is required
    USB-302 is powered through a USB port (Bus-powered)
  • Housing material: Plastic
  • DIN rail, magnet, and screw mountable (Attachment is required)
  • Includes a USB cable (1.8m)
  • Non-use of 10 Restricted substances of RoHS directive

Reference data

USB Compliance test
Eye pattern of upstream tests
USB2.0Test Report


Item Description Remarks
Model USB-302  
Power DC 5V / Less than 300mA
Supplied through a USB port
RS232C Port 2 Port  
Input/Output Interface RS232C Use 4 signals (TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS)
ESD protection
HOST interface USB 2.0 Compliant
(High Speed is supported)
USB 1.1 compatible
ESD protection
Isolation Method Bus isolation Independent Isolation
Isolation Protection 2500VDC Designed value
Communication Method Asynchronous Serial Communication  
Baud Rate 300 bps to 1 Mbps Support custom baud rate
Data Bits 7 or 8 bit  
Stop Bits 1 or 2 bit  
Parity Even, Odd, No-parity  
FIFO RX Buffer Size 4096 Bytes  
FIFO TX Buffer Size 4096 Bytes  
Supports OS Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP  
Operating Ambient Temp. (*1) -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F) No condensation permitted
Operating Ambient Humi. 30 to 85 %RH No condensation permitted
Noise Tolerance Not defined  
Standard Not defined  
Weight Approx. 100 [g] Only main body
Dimensions 69 x 82.5 x 30 [mm]
(2.638" x 3.248" x 1.181")
Without projections

* Power saving function (suspend, standby, sleep and others) is not supported
(*1) The product is tested under 5 degrees wider range than designed specification.

RS232C Connector pinouts

RS232C Pin
Pin No Name Direction Notes
1   -  
2 RXD IN  
4   -  
5 GND - Signal GND
6   -  
8 CTS IN  
9 (5V) - * reserved for
5V output
CASE FG - Connect to GND

Package Contents

  • USB-302
  • USB cable 1.8m
  • Driver & Application CD

Price and Optional Accessories

Description MODEL Image List Price (JPY) Stock Status
2 Channel USB to RS232 Converter
USB-302 USB-302
USB series Attachment
with clamping screw
PEN-003 PEN-003
USB series Attachment
for 35mm DIN rail
USB series Attachment
with neodymium magnet
PEN-003-MG PEN-003-MG
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