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[USB-206] USB 3.0 Host Multiplexer

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USB-206 is an active USB 3.0 multiplexer. It switches between two host PCs for one device.

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USB-206 can multiplex USB 3.0 signal of two host PCs and connect it to a USB 3.0 device.
USB-206 can be controlled by specific USB ports and the physical switch.

Application examples

  • Share a USB printer
  • Share a USB strage
  • Exchange data between the host PCs relaying a USB strage
  • Control power of the device


  • USB3.0 SuperSpeed compatible.
    USB 2.0 High, Full and Low Speed device is also compatible.
  • One or two PCs are possible to participate to control host switching.
    Third person, which will not be a host of the device, also can be a controller.
  • Easy to control by a terminal software from control ports.
    All commands are assigned to ascii charactors.
  • Phisical switch is a vailable.
    It switches the hosts without any software controller.
  • Power control for the device.
    Turn ON/OFF by a command.
  • Device over current detection.
    It detects the over current condition of the device and automatically shut it down.
  • Dip switches for the power-on condition.
  • Controllable from embedded Linux devices
    It operates as a device of the standard CDC-ACM class.
    For Linux distributions with embedded CDC-ACM device drivers, you can use them without installing the drivers.
    We do not support the use of Linux itself.
  • Includes a USB 3.0 A-B cable (1.0m) x2
  • Includes a USB 2.0 A-B cable (1.8m) x2
  • Includes an AC adapter
  • Non-use of 10 Restricted substances of RoHS directive


Item Description Remarks
Model USB-206  
Input Power 5V DC Supplied by AC adapter
Power Consumption About 200mA without host/device/control connections
OS limitation for hosts none  
OS limitation for controllers Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP CDC driver
USB Connector of host USB3.0 Standard B x2 ESD protection ESD11kV
USB Connector of device USB3.0 Standard A x1 ESD protection ESD11kV
USB Connector of control USB2.0 Standard B  x2 ESD protection ESD11kV
Contorol method Serial communication via virtual COM port Baudrate is fixed at 9600bps
Hardware flow control is recommended
Status LED Power LED
Device status LED
Host status LED x2
Operating Ambient Temperature 0 to 60 ℃ (32 to 140 [°F]) No condensation permitted
Operating Ambient Humidity 30 to 85%RH No condensation permitted
Storage Ambient Temperature 0 to 60 ℃ (32 to 140 [°F]) No condensation permitted
Storage Ambient Humidity 30 to 85%RH No condensation permitted
Dimensions 165 x 80.5 x 39 [mm]
(6.496" x 3.169" x 1.535")
Without projections
Weight Approx. 280 [g] Only main body

* suspend, standby and other power saving function is not supported.

Package Contents

  • USB-206
  • USB 3.0 A-B cable 1.0m x2
  • USB 2.0 A-B cable 1.8m x2
  • AC adapter
  • Driver & Application CD

Price and Optional Accessories

Description MODEL Image List Price (JPY) Stock Status
USB 3.0 Host Multiplexer
USB-206 USB-206
Attachment for vertical direction
ACC-027 ACC-027
Attachment for horizontal direction
ACC-028 ACC-028
Attachment for DIN rail type B
ACC-031 ACC-031
Neodymium magnet set
ACC-036 ACC-036
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