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[USB-202] 4 Port USB Isolator(Independent Type)

RoHS10 4ch Isolated windows and mac SurgeProtection Flame-retardant-ABS

USB Isolator with four independent isolation circuits
Improved reliability is protected from the noise

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USB-202 is a USB 2.0 Full Speed(12Mbps) and Low Speed(1.5Mbps) compliant USB hub which isolates between a USB host and four downstream ports with 600VDC. Each of the four downstream ports are also isolated independently. With USB-202, it can be expected to eliminate ground loops that can cause measurement errors and equipment from surges, common-mode voltage, static discharge, magnetic fields, and radio frequency interference.There is no need to install any drivers. It works with every operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.


*Second and subsequent images are CG models


  • Each four downstream port are independent isolation
  • USB host connector which is standard Type B female and have to be connected to a PC or other USB host device
  • Four USB target connectors which are standard Type A female and have to be connected to some USB peripheral devices
  • USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps) and Low Speed (1.5Mbps) Speed compliant
  • OS-Independent (No drivers required)
  • Supplied by an AC adapter (Self-powered)
  • 600VDC bus isolation
  • ESD and surge protection
  • Housing material: Plastic
  • DIN rail and screw mountable (Attachment is required)
  • Includes a USB cable (1.8m)
  • Includes an AC adapter
  • Non-use of 10 Restricted substances of RoHS directive


Item Description Remarks
Model USB-202  
Input Power 5VDC 2.3A Supplied by an AC adapter
Support OS OS-Independent (No drivers required)  
HOST Interface USB 2.0 Compliant
(Supports Full and Low Speed)
USB 1.1 compatible
Hi Speed is not supported.
ESD protection ESD 11kV
Port Number 4 port ESD protection ESD 11kV
USB Connector Host: Standard Type B Female
Target: Standard Type A Female ×4
Isolation Method Bus Isolation(Independent isorated)  
Isolation Protection 600VDC Designed value
Operating Ambient Temperature -20 to 60℃ (-4 to 140 [°F]) No condensation permitted
Operating Ambient Humidity 30~85%RH No condensation permitted
Storage Ambient Temperature -20 to 60℃ (-4 to 140 [°F]) No condensation permitted
Storage Ambient Humidity 30~85%RH No condensation permitted
Noise Tolerance Not defined  
Transmission and other Standard Not defined  
Supplied Current to Target Less than 400mA / port  
LED Power / Error x 1
Status ×4
Bi-color LED
Dimensions 165 x 80.5 x 39 [mm]
(6.496" x 3.169" x 1.535")
Without projections
Weight Approx. 300 [g] Only main body

Package Contents

  • USB-202
  • USB A-B cable 1.8m
  • AC Adapter


Price and Optional Accessories

Description MODEL Image List Price (JPY) Stock Status
4 Port USB Isolator
(Independent Type)
USB-202 USB-202
Attachment for vertical direction
ACC-027 ACC-027
Attachment for horizontal direction
ACC-028 ACC-028
Attachment for DIN rail type B
ACC-031 ACC-031
Neodymium magnet set
ACC-036 ACC-036


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