[ACC-005] 5P Terminal to RJ45 Convert Adapter HuMANDATA LTD.

[ACC-005] 5P Terminal to RJ45 Convert Adapter



The ACC-005 is the adapter to convert from 5P terminal block to the RJ45 connector for some products made of HuMANDATA. You can use the general LAN cable by converting to the RJ45.

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Compatible models

No Model Image Description
1 USB-003 USB-003 USB RS485/RS422 Converter (MAX 250Kbps)
2 USB-010 USB-010 USB RS485/RS422 Converter (MAX 12Mbps)

RJ45 pinouts

Pin No Name Notes
RJ45 1 B Receive data +
2 A Receive data -
3 GND Signal ground
4 GND Signal ground
5 GND Signal ground
6 GND Signal ground
7 Z Transmit data +
8 Y Transmit data -

LAN Twisted Pair Cable Color Codes


  • 1-2 and 7-8 are a twisted pair
  • The ACC-005 in the required 8-core cable
  • The color codes might be different in the straight and cross cable


  • Tech Document DLUser's manual, Outline Drawing, etc


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5P Terminal to RJ45
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ACC-005 ACC-005

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