Repair request


Repair request

For repair requests for our Products, print out the “Repair request form ” fill out the form, and send it along with the actual Product addressed to us as set out below. We ask that you closely confirm the repair provisions. This page applies to the products of USB/LNX series. Please refer to below for Repair flow.

Ship to address

Company name HuMANDATA LTD.
Address 1-2-10-2F Nakahozumi, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka, 567-0034, Japan
Telephone +81-72-620-2002(Japanese)
Facsimile +81-72-620-2003(Japanese / English )

Please be reassured that we will provide an estimate of the repair costs in good faith.  Please submit email questions from the “Contuct Us ”.

Repair warranty

A base fee of 3,700 JPY along with repair expenses is required.

  • The base fee will be charged even in the event that the customer declines repair based on the repair estimates.
  • In the case of premium repair, a warranty period of three months shall be applied following shipment from our company.
  • For complimentary repairs, there will be no extension to the warranty period.
  • Repair expenses and shipping cost
    • As a rule, we ask that customers transfer repair payments in advance before repairs begin.
    • The base fee will be charged even in the event that the customer declines repair as based on the repair estimates.
    • We will not charge the base fee in the event repairs cannot be performed due to our circumstances.
    • When shipping from outside of Japan, purchaser shall pay all expenses including shipping charges and taxes.
  • Attention
    • We accept repairs when our Products malfunction.
    • We will address repairs in accordance with the warranty provisions during the warranty period.
    • Repairs are available outside of the warranty period as well.
    • Repairs may be refused in the event that the serial number is illegible.
    • In the event we determine that a Product has been modified by the customer, the Product will be considered unrepairable.
    • Even RoHS compliant Products may become leaded at the time of repair.
    • Abnormalities including discoloration may occur during processing such as reworking..
    • Products may be returned as unrepairable in accordance with determinations made by us.
      (for such issues as damages, leakage, or physical destruction due to excessive voltage or reverse connection of a power source)
    • We do not offer replacement devices at the time of repair.
    • We ask that you contact us beforehand by e-mail of phone if you have any questions.

Modifications to the repair warranty shall be carried out regardless of the approval of the customer.

※ Please download and use the Repair Request Form.

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